Fall Arrester Including A Flexible Anchor Lifeline
Fall Arrester Including A Flexible Anchor Lifeline
Fall arrester including a flexible anchor lifeline are designed to protect working personnel from falls while allowing them freedom of 
movement.The fall arrester with rope grab on a flexible anchorage line comprised a rope grab,a shock absorber and the flexible anchorage line. The fall arrester runs up freely during climbing.For this purpose, the bottom end of the flexible anchorage rope should be fastern or weighted down by a weight. The ropes are always equipped with a carabiner at the top end and have a secured figure eight knot at the other end to prevent the fall arrester running off the rope unintentionally.Since fall arresters can only stop the fall in one direction, while they run freely in the other direction, the directional arrow which shows the effective direction must be heeded.

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