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2023 Personal Protective Equipment Innovation and Development Exchange Signing ceremony

Summary:Conference Organizers: The event was organized jointly by several prominent organizations, including the Guangdong Provincial Production Safety Associ...
Conference Organizers: The event was organized jointly by several prominent organizations, including the Guangdong Provincial Production Safety Association, Jiangsu Provincial Textile Distribution Industry Association, Zhejiang Provincial Safety and Health Protection Products Industry Association, Shandong Provincial Labor Protection Products Industry Association, as well as international entities like the American UL certification agency, French CTC Testing Group, Swiss SGS certification and testing agency, among others.

Attendees: The conference attracted over 600 representatives from across the PPE industry, spanning the entire supply chain, from research and development to testing, certification, production, distribution, and use. The focus was on discussing regulatory trends and standards, sustainable industry development, and labor-intensive enterprise management.

Keynote Speeches: Distinguished figures such as Chen Xiangsheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liang Dong, president of the Guangdong Provincial Work Safety Association, and Chen Zhuowei, director of the National Labor Protection Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. They emphasized the need for innovation, standardization, and the integration of intelligent wear into PPE.

EHS Leaders: EHS leaders from notable companies, including China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Resources Group, Wanhua Chemical, CIMC Group, and PPG Chemical of the United States, shared their experiences in work safety.

International Perspective: Representatives from international testing and certification agencies from the United States, France, and Switzerland shared insights on PPE policies, regulations, management models, and market trends in Europe and the United States.

Product Displays: Leading companies such as 3M, Honeywell, Taihe New Materials, and others engaged with attendees, showcasing their PPE products and educating on correct usage.

Innovation Showcase: An exhibition area highlighted innovative achievements in PPE, allowing participants to experience the latest technologies and their impact on personal protection.

International Platform for PPE Innovation: The conference included the second round of centralized signings for the International Platform for Personal Protective Equipment Innovation Research Cooperation project. This platform comprises a 100-member expert group representing various sectors of the PPE industry, reflecting its academic, international, and authoritative nature.

Promoting Safety Policies: The conference aimed to align national production safety policies and regulations with international standards. It encouraged PPE companies to engage in innovative research, supported them with global intellectual resources, and promoted innovation in China's PPE industry.

Positive Feedback: Attendees, including safety professionals from various industries, expressed their satisfaction with the event, citing the effective communication platform it created between PPE users and manufacturers, ultimately contributing to safer workplaces.

Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd. Contract: As part of the conference, Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the International Platform for Personal Protective Equipment Innovation Research Cooperation, indicating their commitment to advancing innovation in the PPE field.

The 2023 Personal Protective Equipment Innovation Exchange Conference served as a significant platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting innovation in the PPE industry, ultimately contributing to the improvement of worker safety and the growth of the industry in China and internationally.

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