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Helping employees take care of their children during the summer is so considerate!

Summary:Before 8 o'clock yesterday morning, Lu Tingjiao followed her mother to JECH Tools Co., Ltd., Bailongqiao Town, Wucheng District, and walked into the s...
Before 8 o'clock yesterday morning, Lu Tingjiao followed her mother to JECH Tools Co., Ltd., Bailongqiao Town, Wucheng District, and walked into the summer children's home with familiarity, and did homework, read books, and played with other friends... Her mother He was busy in the workshop as usual. When it was time to get off work, the mother and daughter went home together.

It is understood that JECH Tools has opened a summer children's home for three consecutive years, and Lu Tingjiao actively signed up every time. Compared to staying in the workshop with my mother before, the environment now is undoubtedly much better. She will enter sixth grade in the second half of the year and spends a lot of time studying every day. “I love the atmosphere here.”

Ni Xiaochun, the administrative and human resources director of JECH Tools, said that this year’s summer children’s home was opened from July 3 to August 31. A total of 24 children signed up, with varying ages. The youngest was only 5 years old, and the oldest was already in junior high school. gave birth. In addition to Ni Xiaochun, there is also a college student participating in summer social practice taking care of these children. They have carefully arranged a summer schedule with rich activities, including learning, playing games, telling stories, singing, drawing, playing chess, practicing calligraphy, safety education, etc. Children can combine work and rest and gain more.

"There are many female employees in our company, and no one takes care of their children during the summer vacation. This is a very real problem." Feng Ming, the person in charge of JECH Tools, said that in the old factory, conditions were limited and the company could not provide summer care services for employees' children. Employees are left to figure this out on their own. Some employees leave their children alone at home and inevitably worry about their safety; some employees bring their children to work, but the workshop environment is not suitable for children to study and play.

Since moving to the new factory, Feng Ming specially planned a children's activity room with desks and bookshelves filled with books donated by employees and other enthusiasts. The summer children's home was transformed from the sample room. In the first year, more than a dozen children signed up. This year there are more staff and more children have signed up. Employees only need to pay 3 yuan a day for lunch for their children, and the company will bear all other expenses. Such benefits are enviable.

"We will try our best to solve practical problems for employees." Feng Ming said that during the summer vacation, providing a more comfortable environment for employees' children and taking good care of these children can make employees feel the company's human touch and work more safely, which is conducive to Employee stability and enterprise development create a win-win situation.
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