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Good news | The research institute helped the cooperative enterprise obtain the certification of "Jinhua Doctoral Innovation Station"

Summary:   Recently, the Jinhua Science and Technology Association announced the list of Jinhua Doctoral Innovation Stations. Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd, a co...
   Recently, the Jinhua Science and Technology Association announced the list of Jinhua Doctoral Innovation Stations. Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd, a cooperative enterprise of our institute, was among them. He Xuhua, member of the Wucheng District Party Committee and Vice Chairman, issued the license to it.

Leverage the "most powerful brain" to seize the high point of digital "intelligence"

   Previously, with the help of the institute's technology docking team, Professor Xiong Jiping's team of Zhejiang Normal University and Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd successfully launched a cooperation in building a doctoral innovation website. Currently, the two parties are using the "High-altitude Emergency Escape Equipment - Research and Development of Fast and Efficient Escape Backpacks" project as a carrier, and have achieved certain results in cooperation in terms of technical research, talent introduction, technical system creation, and achievement transformation.

         Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd.

   Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd is located in Linjiang Industrial Park, Bailongqiao Town. It is a company specializing in the production of high-altitude safety belts, safety belts, buffer belts, differentials, tool ropes, climbing ropes, carabiners, rock climbing supplies and other personal protective equipment. of manufacturers. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has gradually grown from a small workshop into a national high-tech enterprise with an annual output value of over 60 million yuan and a construction area of over 10,000 square meters. Since its establishment 13 years ago, the company has maintained an annual output value growth rate of more than 20% and maintained a high level of R&D investment. It has successfully applied for 47 national patents, including 3 invention patents, and has passed more than 40 internationalization projects such as the European Union CE. Certification from authoritative organizations.

Improving quality, increasing efficiency, and stabilizing growth, creating a new chapter in the deep integration of schools and enterprises

   This cooperation further stimulates the organic integration of scientific research by doctoral talents and industry. Zhejiang Normal University Technology Innovation Research Institute will always adhere to talent as the core, local industrial demand as the guide, talent and scientific research projects as the link, and guide the sinking of high-quality technical resources On the front line of the industry, we promote the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, and empower enterprises with technology to improve quality and efficiency.

Doctoral Innovation Station

   The Doctoral Innovation Station is a scientific and technological innovation service carrier that takes enterprises and institutions as the main body and the website-building PhD team, is oriented by innovation needs, is characterized by long-term cooperation, and uses industry-university-research cooperation as a link to promote the two-way common growth of the website-building unit and the website-building PhD team. . It aims to promote the construction of the "one three-station" system of Zhejiang's academician home, academician workstation, expert workstation, and doctoral innovation station, explore new paths for doctoral intelligence to serve the transformation and upgrading of local industries, and build a system that relies on young doctors to serve the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The upgraded new platform helps talents and science and technology tackle key problems, and serves the construction of local innovation-driven development and common prosperity demonstration zones.

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Jinhua JECH Tools Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-building safety harness, safety belts, energy absorber lanyard belts, fall arrester and lifelines, climbing supplies and other personal protection equipment.

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